Since 1991, Berkshire TypeGraphic has worked with letters, words, and images to produce creative products for my select group of clients.

By the way, the name Berkshire TypeGraphic comes from where I live now (the Berkshires) and the very first job I had out of college, as a typesetter in a typesetting house that was called “Typegraphic.” I always loved that made-up word combining two lively arts.

Studied at Cornell University, BA in Design & Environmental Analysis. More coursework in illustration, typography, printmaking, painting at SUNY Purchase and the Norman Rockwell Museum.

My most fun gig was an internship at Ithaca House Press, where I set type (is that hot or cold type, I can never figure it out…) from type trays – the “mind your p’s and q’s” kind of type – and put the pages on an old-fashioned letterpress. Inked the big flat disk, pulled the big handle once to ink the type, then again to press the type onto the paper… one page at a time. Did a little bookbinding there, too.

After almost 30 years of doing this, I am still awed and grateful to have a job where I get to do artwork.